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Monday, December 21, 2015

Steps on How to Achieve Your Financial Goals Successfully

1. Write them down
Write your personal goal in a piece of paper. Do you want house and lot? Do you want your dream car? All you need is to list it down. Make a checklist. It also helps you become more motivated.

2. Make them as detailed as possible
You need to make your goals to be specific like "What you want to acquire?", "What do you want in life?", "What things you need to be yours?" You need make it as clearly as possible. The more clearly you visualize, the easier it will be manifested.

3. Picture them clearly in your mind as already done
Visualize your dreams and personal goals as if it's already done. Try to visualize it early in the morning. Manifestation will help you to materialize your goals.

4. Then double them

5. Then double them again

6. Then double them yet again

7. Do that until you are the farthest edge of your imagination
Do some meditation to enhance your imagination. It's recommended to do meditation when you wake up early in the morning. Focus your imagination on your personal goals. Ask yourself on HOW you are going to accomplish it and WHY you need to accomplish it.

8. Decide what kind of person you need to become in order to make it happen
Think of a HERO. What is hero in life? It doesn't mean superhero like Superman, but a hero that you admire the most and you want to become that hero. Like for example, my heroes are my biological parents, Bill Gates, Will Smith, Warren Buffet, etc. It will easy for you to materialize your goal when you are inspired to do so.

9. Start taking the steps necessary to become that person
You need to TAKE ACTION! It is the most crucial step to materialize your goal in life. Do work it with FULL PASSION. Always do what you love! Be brave. Be Courageous. Just persevere. God is always there to help you. With God, anything is possible.

10. Don't let anything stop you
You can do anything that you want and need in life. You need to BE PATIENT. Just keep going. No one can actually stop you, except YOU. You can materialize your goals as long as you have patience, courage, guts, and determination.


ALWAYS THINK POSITIVE, and BE HAPPY. Success will chase you. :)

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