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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Your true wealth is your WISDOM.

Your true wealth is your WISDOM! 
What's the difference between Wisdom, Knowledge, Information and Data?

Data is a raw fact and statistically collected for reference.

Information is a gathered data based on facts.

Knowledge is a fact, information or a skill that learned theoretically or learned from the books or lectures. 

Wisdom is the application of knowledge or a body of knowledge that develop through life experiences.

Yes. It is. The highest form of knowing is WISDOM.

Literally speaking, its SPELLING! grin emoticon 

And philosophically speaking, wisdom came from your life experiences, while knowledge is the product of your learning from the books and lectures!

Sometimes we need to fail in order to learn and acquire wisdom. 

Even if you fail, just keep persevere, be still, have courage, and have faith in God.

According to the Bible, the beginning of Wisdom is Fearing the Lord. Yes, it is TRUE!

You need to understand that God is the source of all wisdom.

Ask God for Wisdom, Believe in God and you'll receive Wisdom.

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