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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

10 Filipino False Beliefs About Money

Many Filipino money beliefs are one of the main cause of poverty in the Philippines. Whether we like it or not, it’s the “mindset” that stopping us from being one of the richest country in Asia and in the world.

There are Filipino beliefs that are factors of the poverty in the Philippines. Whether you believe it or not, it is the "mindset" that make us rich.

There are 10 Filipino False Beliefs About Money:

1. Money is the root of all evil

Some Filipinos believe that money is the root of all evil and aiming to have more money will not do anything good in your life. This is completely false. Money is not evil and not the root of all evil. It’s how you do and how you use money that will dictate and provide results of how you think and see money.

If you use money to help other people, to bless others, to inspire your family and other people that will produce better results than the previous. You see, it’s the use of money that dictates its meaning. Money is just a paper, it’s how we use them that dictates its value.

2. One-day millionaire

Filipino has this one-day millionaire mindset that makes them poor. It’s something like they splurge left and right thinking that their money is unlimited. They’re only thinking the present time and not planning ahead.

If you have this kind of mindset, let it go. This will not help you achieve financial abundance.

3. Get-rich-quick mindset

Getting rich and achieving financial freedom is not a sprint, it’s a marathon. Forget the get-rich-quick mindset. Be patient, committed and focus working on your financial goals. Be informed. Be financially literate. These are the sure ball ways to financial freedom.

4. I came from a poor family

If you want to have breaks and if you’re really committed in achieving your dreams, let go of these mindsets and start thinking positive. Your situation must not be hindrance on what you want to achieve in life. As the old saying goes, “if there’s a will there’s a way“.

5. I’ll lose my friends and family

Nah, forget this belief! True friends stay whatever happens. And sure your family too.

Again, money is not evil. It’s how you use them. Having more money means more opportunity to help friends and family in needs. That should how you look at.

6. I can’t go to heaven if I have more money

Another Filipino misconception when having more money is contradicting to what the bible or religion says. In most cases, many religion preach that having more money will stop you from being good and will prevent you from being save by your Savior. That’s not true. Again, it will lead down to how you use your money.

Money is just a tool. A tool to help and inspire others. Use it that way and for sure you’ll be save.

7. More money more problems

More money, more problems? Not true. It depends on how you acquire your money. If you acquired wealth thru bad means, more likely that you’ll going to have more problems. But if you gain wealth through providing value and solving other people problems, having more money means you helped more people.

Additionally, having more money requires financial intelligence to keep and manage them properly. If you’re financially educated, having more money will be an easy task.

8. They’re just lucky

Luck is one of the many money beliefs that could stop you from being rich. Smart and working hard people gets more luck. What does it mean? The smart and hard you work, the more opportunity came in.

You should never rely on fortune teller or horoscope about your future. Work hard and work smart!

9. I don’t have money

The mindset of “I don’t have money” has a big impact in our lives. That’s a negative affirmation that pushes our subconscious mind not to have money. Why? Because we affirm to ourselves that we don’t have money.

Be positive. If opportunity knocks and you don’t have money on that moment, be resourceful. Find ways. If there’s a will, there’s a way.

10. Investing is only for the rich

Many Filipino thought that investing is only for the rich. They don’t allow themselves to discover new opportunities to grow their money because they have their fixed mindset that they cannot invest or start a business. 100% not true. Anyone can invest!

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Happy investing!

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